Survey Results Review

With this assignment you have an opportunity to review some of the results of our study of the attitudes of the students in POLI 321 this term at the University of Victoria.

Your assignment is to provide a one page (no more) write-up discussing the results of either one of the framing experiments or the Moral Foundations results from the UVic data. This assignment is due at the beginning of class on Tuesday, December 5th.

It is very strongly recommended that for your write up you use the results for questions which produced results beyond what is expected due to chance. These are contained in the file (Successful Framing Experiments) which has been specially prepared for this assignment. In working with this file you will be sure to interpret genuine differences between two frames. If you are unsure as to what to say consult Brader’s write-up of his results.

The findings for all the experiments from the UVic study are contained in the UVicFall2017RawOutput file available here UVicFall2017RawOutput. Please use this file only with extreme caution, as you risk interpreting differences which may be the result random variation.

Both the Successful Framing Experiments  and UVicFall2017RawOutput files draw on the UVic students responses to two versions of a questionnaire, Version A and Version B. You can find these through the following links for Version A (POLI185 2017 Q’aire A) and Version B (POLI185 2017 Q’aire B)

You will notice that the first 23 questions differ somewhat between the two versions. These differences provide several opportunities to observe the influence of differing frames for the same question. Question 13, for example asks in one version whether it is acceptable to carry a gun. In the second version it asks about owning a gun.


Does this framing of affect the responses of the UVic students?
You can find out by viewing responses to the two versions of each question side by side in either the recommended Successful Framing Experiments file or the UVicFall2017RawOutputt file. Again the latter should be used with caution.

If the framing experiments do not intrigue you, the UVic students’ responses to the Moral Foundations Questions can be compared to those of our class. The UVic results are included in the Successful Framing Experiments file. Our class’ results appear on our course outline at the end of the recommended readings for Moral/Positive Psychology.

Have fun.