UVic 323 Presentation Assignment

Presentation Assignment

As you know, the third assignment for Poli 323 involves making a live oral presentation in one of the two final class sessions of the term (Tuesday June 27 and Thursday June 29th). Given the number of students in the class and the available time, presentations will be limited to 5 minutes per student. Please note that this limit will be strictly enforced. The list of which students will present of which days is available by clicking here. Students requiring special arrangements of any kind should contact the instructor no later than June 22nd.

Your presentation will focus on one thing you have learned in studying political psychology and how it has changed your thinking about a political event, issue person or phenomenon, such as populism. As with previous assignments, presentations will be graded according to the quality of analysis and synthesis presented.

For your presentation you are to have in hand one hard-copy (printed handout) version of the slides/overhead projection sheets forming the basis for your presentation. This hard copy is to be printed on ordinary 8” x 11” paper, suitable for projection using the document camera in our classroom. As such, each sheet should contain a small number of bullet points, not long chunks of text.

The hard copy version of your presentation should consist of 5 sheets/pages, i.e, a cover sheet plus 4 content pages.

Cover Sheet
Your presentation title and name.

Page 1
Summarize one thing that you have learned in studying political psychology this term that has changed your mind about a political event, issue, or phenomenon.

Page 2
Summarize the event, issue, or phenomenon about which you have changed your mind.

Page 3
Summarize how prior to studying political psychology this term you were wrong in your thinking about the event, issue, or phenomenon.

Page 4
Summarize how at the end of the course you now think differently about the event, issue, or phenomenon.

Your five sheets should be not be stabled together so that they can be easily displayed using the document camera. A stapler will be provided so that you can staple the sheets together at the end of your presentation.

Submit the stapled hard copy to the instructor at the conclusion of your live presentation.