UVic Q2 Details

The second quiz will be available between the morning of  Monday June 5th and Tuesday morning May 6th. You will complete the quiz on Course Spaces. It will consist of 20 multiple-choice questions on material covered in the second portion of the class.

Since the quiz will be administered on Course Spaces, you can complete it from most anywhere. You will be permitted up to 25 minutes in which to complete the quiz. The window of opportunity to complete the quiz will open at 8 am Monday and close at 9:15 am on Tuesday (before class). I will arrange for you to receive the answers just before class on Tuesday. That way you will have appropriate feedback to begin the work of preparing your second paper.

As to the pedagogy of this approach, the quiz will focus upon major concepts we have discussed regarding each of the psychological approaches covered in the second section of the course. As such, the quiz will serve as something of a review of the material you should draw on in preparing your paper. A study sheet is provided here. There is also a link on the evaluation page.