UVic Study Questions for Quiz 2

Poli 323 Q2 Study Questions


What is the F-scale?


For what was it devised?


How did Adorno characterize the authoritarian character type?


Upon which classic psychological theorist’s work is The Authoritarian Personality based?


What is a syndrome?


According to the authors of The Authoritarian Personality, to what does

repressed hostility toward parents lead?


Which criticism of The Authoritarian Personality proved to be most resonant?


What is conformity?


When did Asch not find conformity?


What is Obedience?


What percentage of subjects went all the way in Milgram’s baseline study?


What increases obedience in the Milgram study?


In drawing attention to the power of the situation, to what does Milgram compare the subjects of his study?


What did the 2009 California replication of Milgram’s study find?


Which dimension of Kelley’s Attribution cube do researchers find people use least use in drawing inferences?


What is the fundamental attribution error?


What is the ultimate attribution error?


What is the two-factor theory of emotion?


What are the dimensions of Weiner’s theory of motivation?


What is over-sufficient justification?


What is self-perception theory?


On what does the modern four-item measure of authoritarianism focus?


What is the dominant model of personality among psychologists?


What personality characteristic has been found to be most associated with populist support?


Which theory posits that a mental tension motivates attitude change?


Which theory suggests that operant levels of responding are not under the control of reinforcement


Which theory suggests that people are more risk-taking when something can be lost and more risk-adverse when something can be gained?