27 November 2017
The Review of Results assignment has been updated, including a new due date.

26 November 2017
Here’s a brief report on the successful results from our framing study of the UVic Students.Successful Framing Experiments

18 October 2017
A student in our class notified me that the links for the Solomon Asch reading listed on the course outline are not working. He also thoughtfully found a substitute which does work. I have accordingly changed the link.

30 September 2017
I’ve added asterisks to the selections from Freud’s Group Psychology.  Please note that the recommended Samuels book is available online through the UCSC library. Be sure to log in to the library before attempting to access it.

28 September 2017
Several students mentioned that the page I showed in class today containing details on the first Quiz and Paper had not been revised from last year. This page has now been updated to correspond with the correct information regarding dates and such listed on the Evaluation page of the course website.

28 September 2017
Welcome to PolPsy.